Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Can i still confirm your services even if i don’t have a confirmed wedding date now?


Of course! WhiteLink provides a “5 years open date” flexible package, for you to pay at today’s low rate and you can call us up once you have a confirmed wedding date to start your appointments with us.


What are the benefits of confirming the wedding package early?


A great deal goes to fighting inflation! You get to lock in the current prices, even promotional prices and also be protected against price increments in the future when the package prices increase. As every promotion features different offers, it may never be repeated. When you spot a good deal, grab it! It would be in your best interest to confirm our services when the deals are good.


Why should we choose WhiteLink over other boutiques?


WhiteLink is recognized as one of the most established bridal boutique in Singapore and we pride ourselves on our customer service excellence as well as leading designer gowns.


Our team of fully committed and experienced bridal consultants will work closely with you on every step of your wedding journey, ensuring all goes well. We house a large variety of gowns for each individual bride to express their unique personality. We also have our designer collection where each gown is designed in-house and completed with passion. With a wide selection of bridal gowns and designer collections being updated every season, brides will definitely be spoilt for choices. Not to mention, with our award-winning designer team, we can assure that you are in good hands for our bespoke services.


We use high quality materials in our products and provide the best service possible to each of our client, while maintaining a comparable price with the others. Aside from certain items that will incur *additional charges (refer to below question) should you require them, we assure you that there are no hidden costs to our packages. All additional cost to our packages will be clearly listed out and will only be incurred when you require. We strongly believe in being transparent with our charges right from the beginning to avoid any unpleasant surprises during your journey with WhiteLink.


We are a responsible and reliable bridal boutique. Choosing us offers you a peace of mind as we prepare you for the most important day of your life. WhiteLink customers can expect clear terms and conditions in which both customers and WhiteLink will adhere to in order to avoid discrepancies should any rare unexpected situations arise. Customers can reach us in numerous platforms such as: Email, Customer Service Hotline, Instagram, Facebook.


We place great emphasis on paying only for what you need! At WhiteLink, couples are free to select the services and/or items they require as we tailor their package according to their needs while enjoying a bundled deal.


In addition, all our customers will be able to enjoy premium complimentary services such as a tailor on standby on your big day to cater to any last minute emergencies, wedding vendor recommendation from our large network of wedding professionals and even special perks & privileges for other wedding related services confirmed with our affiliates.

What are the charges excluded from your bridal package?


The following items and/or services are at additional charges if required:


Ampoule - $30

Artificial Eyelash - $20

Application Fee - $10

Trial Makeup - $80 (per session)

Actual Day Groom Makeup -$80

Pre-wedding transportation - $120

Makeup Artist to follow outdoor for pre-wedding photography - $180

Night Scene Photography add-on - $380

Early fee per service provider before 7am – $100 (per hour)

Transportation fee for ROM Makeup & Hair home service – $100

ROM Makeup & Hair service at Kaki Bukit before 12pm (except Tuesdays) - $80

Split day charge for wedding day – $380 (per service)

Makeup Artist to stay for 2nd March-in during wedding banquet - $180

Actual Day services overtime charge - $150 (per hour, per service)


What are the modes of payment accepted?


We accept Cash, Cheque, Nets & Credit Cards (Amex, Visa, Master only). Additionally we also offer instalment plans – 12 months interest free installment for UOB and OCBC credit cards.


Why is deposit required when I will only require your service much later?


A deposit will allow us to proceed with the confirmation of vital wedding service providers such as Makeup Artist as early as possible. Our in-house Makeup Artists appointment slots get filled up very fast especially on auspicious dates. A deposit is also required to confirm the details of the package as well as to secure the promotion on offer during the period of time.


What happens after I confirm your service?


The invoice will be sent back to our head office where a bridal coordinator will be assigned to you. You will then receive a personalized message from your bridal coordinator on the issues to take note. Thereafter, you can start arranging for the first appointment and to go through the entire wedding journey flow with us.



What should I bring along for my first official appointment with WhiteLink?


This is the start of your wedding journey and you must be feeling really excited. Here are some items which you might want to consider bringing along for your first appointment.


  • Wedding Heels and Shoes  (Some couples might not have their wedding footwear ready yet so we have some samples for you to try on, just for height purposes)
  • Nu-bra
  • Wear nude undies
  • Groom’s white inner shirt




What does different categories of gowns WhiteLink has?


WhiteLink has 3 different gown categories, namely: Exclusive gowns, Designer gowns and Bespoke gowns. Exclusive gowns means you will choose from our large and wide selection of over 400 bridal couture gowns, housed at our Kaki Bukit Head Office.


Designer gowns are gowns specially designed by our award-winning team of designers. These gowns are carefully curated and handsewn, it is one of a kind, you will not find another of the same in other bridal boutiques.


Bespoke gowns refers to customized gowns on rental, designed to your personal preference. You will enjoy one to one personalized attention with our designer to go through every detail of your gown. Starting from the silhouette, fabric, laces, to the beading and crystals. Yours will be a wedding gown that is especially designed and tailored based on your likes, fitting you like a pair of gloves. You may choose to keep your customized gown after your wedding at additional charges.


What is an outdoor gown and actual day gown?


Actual day gowns are gowns that brides will choose to wear on their wedding day.


Outdoor gowns are gowns which will be used specifically for outdoor shoots where we will expect reasonable wear and tear due to nature of the photography.


Why does designer gowns require top-ups?


Designer gowns are designs that are produced in-house and locally. You can rest assured that you will not be able to find the same designer gown you see at WhiteLink, at other bridal boutiques. This is especially catered to brides that are looking for bespoke gowns at a lower cost.


Couples can decide on whether they want to dive straight for the designer package or sign up for the exclusive package first if they prefer to do the top-ups only after trying.


Does WhiteLink provides bridal accessories?


Yes, we provide complimentary rental of bridal accessories ranging from:





Bow tie




I am a plus size. Do you have any gowns in that range?


Yes, we do. While the selection may not be as extensive, we do have a section of bridal gowns catered to curvier brides.


Can I try on some of your gowns before deciding to sign up with you?


Yes! However, it would be best if you can book an appointment in advance so we can ensure the availability of our bridal consultant that will be serving you. Most brides try on 2-3 gowns during their first visit to have a feel of the cut and our gowns.


How long can I rent the gowns/ dresses/ suits for?


You may rent for up to 5 days, inclusive of collection and return days. Kindly note that a refundable deposit of $500 is required upon collection of items. A collection checklist will be filled up with the items that you have taken. This deposit will be refunded in full when you return all the items under your collection checklist. Additional charges will apply for extension of rental period.

Note: It would be great if you can return the outfits the day after your wedding as some stains (eg. red wine) may have aged if it is not treated as soon as possible. This will result in the damage to the gown, which may hence incur charges. Please do not treat stains on your own. Let us leave it to the professionals.


Is alteration and dry cleaning included? Will I be charged extra if I require further alteration?

Alteration and dry cleaning is a complimentary service included upon rental of any gown. We understand that weight fluctuations are common in brides so just relax and let us take care of it.


How long do you need for alteration?


WhiteLink is proud to have a closely knit team of designers and seamstresses. Though we usually require at least a week for alteration service, express minor alterations services can also be done.


There are too many gowns to choose from and I don’t know which one to choose!


Don’t worry! This is a common situation for WhiteLink brides and this is why we are here for! Our trained and experienced bridal consultants will guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you make the best decision for your big day. You can also attend WhiteLink Workshop to get a better understanding of which gowns such as the silhouette, materials etc. flatters your body the most.


When do I collect my wedding outfits?


Collection of bridal outfits will usually take place within the week of your wedding. An appointment will be fixed up for the collection and the outfits will be fitted again to ensure all is well. A final alteration will be done if required.


What is the lead time required for a customized MTM dress?


A bespoke gown will usually take about approximately 3-4 months in total, from conceptualization till the final product. However, do note that this lead time will differ depending on the complexity of the design and availability of the materials (fabrics, laces, beadings etc.). Simpler dresses can be completed on an expedited schedule.




What is the lead time required for MTM suit?


It will take about 3 weeks for our designer and tailor to custom make a Men’s suit. An additional week will be required should you require a personalized fitting of the mock up.


I realized that you have very little information on men’s suits on your website. What are the collections available?


We mainly categorise our men’s suits to 2 different categories – Formal and Fun. We will usually recommend classic, formal suits which comprises of solid colours, for the actual wedding day. Grooms can choose from the Fun category for their pre-wedding photography session or if they prefer a more casual look in the morning for their ceremonies. Within each category, there are various cuts, material as well as colors available, with sizes ranging from XS to 5XL.



Where is your indoor studio located?


Our head office and studio are both located at Eunos Techpark. All appointments as well as studio photography will take place at Eunos Techpark.


Are we restricted to the number of backdrops that we can choose for our Pre-Wedding photo shoot?


Nope! Couples are free to choose whichever backdrops they like in our studio. We also have some props available which couples can borrow during their photography session.


Could I do a consultation before the pre-wedding shoot?


Of course you can! Couples can request to have a meet-up with their photographer prior their photoshoot. This will allow the couple to communicate their concerns and thoughts to the photographer. On the other hand, the photographer will be better aware of the styles you are looking at and can recommend certain locations which you can include into your consideration.


Do I decide the locations that I wish to go for my shoot? Who and when to plan the itinerary for the shoot?


The couple should decide the locations they want to go because this will greatly depend what the couple want to achieve for the pre-wedding pictures. Be it cozy or wild, some of WhiteLink brides chose to head back to school as that’s where they first met or even a shopping mall. It will be good to plan within the month of the shoot in order to allow some lead time for permits or venue applications if applicable. During the shoot, free feel to communicate with the photographer to ensure your expectations are fully put across, it would be too late when the shoot is over. Do not worry if you have no idea. We will guide you along the way.


How long before my wedding should I have the pre-wedding shoot?


We would recommend your pre-wedding photography to take place 4-6 months before your wedding in order to allow a comfortable timeline for the selection of pictures, editing, album conceptualisation and printing of the album, as well as other items.


What happens if I am unhappy with the photos turnout in the album?


We will be following the couple closely from photographs selection process till the album conceptualisation so as to ensure that we take note of every part the couple feels needs to be revised. There is definitely no restrictions on how many times you are allowed to revise before we proceed to print the album and other items. We have a dedicated team of graphic designers and quality checkers where all items will be checked to standard before collection.


What is a ‘pose’?


A ‘pose’ in your album is very much more than just a picture or photograph. It means that it is a version of your photograph that has gone through the following 3 steps:

1) Mood and colour adjustment by your photographer;

2) Professional and subtle retouching of the photo to allow for blown up and printed versions to be well presented, both on the bride, groom, and also the colour correction; and

3) Designing and placement of the photo into your album layout

Each pose will be given to you in high resolution and for majority, the quality will be adequate for various common portrait sizes.


What do you mean by custom designed concept album?


It is a custom design based on the style of your photos, and design direction given by you. We will design your wedding album based on your selection of photographs. Have no idea? Not to worry. Our photographers and bridal coordinators are trained in this area and are able to offer suggestions anytime.


Are there different types of albums for me to choose?


As of now, we have over 30 different album covers you can choose from and we will add in more from time to time. Various album sizes are also available though the most popular size is the 15R wedding album. Some couples also choose to upgrade to our premium album sets at additional charges if they like it.


Is transportation provided for my pre-wedding photo shoot?


No, outdoor transportation for pre-wedding photography is not provided. If you have a vehicle and can drive on that day, our photographer will travel in your vehicle. Otherwise, we can assist to arrange for our company transport which is chargeable at $120 (Petrol, ERP, parking charges, driver are included)


Are props (balloons, flowers etc.), provided for by WhiteLink for the pre-wedding photography?


Feel free to use all the props available in our studio for your photography session. This includes flowers, books, chalkboard, teacups, bears etc, that may be changed from time to time. However, we do not provide balloons. This will have to be ordered by the couple prior the shoot.



If my package is AD photographer 10 Hours service and I pay $100 early fee for my AD photographer to come at 6am, does it mean that I get 11 Hours in total?


No. The AD photographer and/or will only offer, in this case, 10 hours of service each, regardless if an early fee was paid or not. In the event of overtime, the overtime charge will be payable to the photographer and/or videographer directly.


How long is the break time?


It depends on the couple’s programme and timings for the day. The couple is able to split the usage of the total hours within a day, usually in 2 parts, once in the morning for picking up the bride, and another part for the banquet.


What happens if my wedding day falls over a period of 2 days?


A split day charge of $380 per service will apply, as the service provider will not be able to take up other assignments because he/she would have to reserve 2 full days for your wedding. The total number of hours of service will still remain as stipulated.


Do I have to provide food for the photographer/videographer at the wedding reception?


The photographer and/or videographer will have their meal before covering your wedding. The photographer will be hard at work to capture moments of your wedding reception. They do not intend to be mean to reject your kindness should you provide them food, but rather he/she should be working on your wedding coverage.


Am I expected to provide transportation for the photographer/videography in between locations?


Yes, however, it would be good to ask if he/she requires transportation because in some instances, they might be driving too. In the event that they do not, they will travel with you in your vehicle or in either of your accompanying cars.


Can’t find your questions in the above? Do not hesitate to email or call us at 6841 3886 to get your questions answered!