“Style - all who have it share one thing: Originality” - Diana Vreeland

A bespoke design speaks of personality and most importantly, originality. Witness your dream gown transforming from 2D to 3D, tailored to fit you like a glove. Feel confident on your wedding day, don in the gown you have been imagining yourself to be in for months.

There is always an exclusive design for each individual, unique on its own, just as like a personalised piece of handicraft. Our professional team of designers will be with you through the entire design process to achieve the most flattering silhouette for your body type, one that accentuates your beauty while concealing your flaws.


Las étape: Un; Visualisation - “An Odyssey.”

It’s a journey of discovery and exploration as we discuss your likes and ideas of your dream gown.

We look at its functionality as a dress and your requirements to ensure the perfect fit and style. Different gown structures favour different body shapes.

Design one that is exclusively yours, the dress that reflects your personality and inner desires.


Las étape: Deux; Illustration - “Reverie to Reality”

Sketches after sketches, fine-tuned to perfection. We will bring our discussion and sharing to the next level where inspirations and creativity will join forces to conceive the gown. Fabrics and colours play a crucial part in the overall uniqueness of the dress.

Choose from our carefully selected collection of exquisite fabrics for the luxurious finish in the final unveil.


Las étape: Trois; Intricate Craftsmanship - “Unparalleled Attention, Quality Artisan.”

With each passing day, your gown is slowly taking its form. You can now choose from our curated collection of Japanese beads, pearl and rhinestone buttons, Swarovski crystals, handcrafted flowers, french laces etc. to perfect your bridal gown.

The designer team and dressmakers are trained to have an eye for details while ensuring quality in the process.


Las étape: Quatre; Fit to Perfection - “Perfection is an understatement.”

With every stitch, your dress is under deep scrutiny to ensure its precision in design. Skilfully hand-sewn, no details is too small to be missed.

Our final step involves meticulous inspection of your impeccable wedding gown before the grand finale, the moment you have been anticipating.


- Special Thanks to Jessica Liu.

A gown, a journey. Yours forever - WhiteLink